Management Team

Dolgen Ventures’ executive management team consists of David P. Dolgen (Principal) and Ellen Sarver Dolgen (Principal). The members of our management team have backgrounds in real estate, banking, finance, capital transactions, property management and government relations. Since 1979 the management team has had successful experience in acquisitions, development/re-development and operation of income-producing real estate and unimproved land; management and leasing of commercial, hotel, multi-family and retail properties; formation and operation of financial institutions; and financial analysis of projects. Our collective expertise allows us to identify untapped opportunities and accurately assess political and market factors that impact our assets.

In addition to solid experience, our success is also attributable to a unique relationship-driven and intensely active management style. More than providing oversight, we actively manage the strategic direction of every investment as the principal management members have direct ownership in Dolgen Ventures assets.